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Here we present Mini Golf World Free to Play, smallest in Size but biggest in Adventure and Best of its kind Miniature putt putt Golf, with different types of THEMES and HOLES with super fun playing Gameplay and Epic environmental adventure feeling that has never been here before!

You got a finger? Wow! thats your club, and thats all you need for this game to have fun,

so what are you waiting for?! let your device have this mini golf world simulator game right now!

We are providing you with 30 new awesome super fun levels and 5 cool themes for levels to get the best adventure for this World of Mini Golf World epic adventure, and more stuff coming soon , those who buy from In App Purchases will also get new themes and levels when they arrive!

INSTRUCTIONS for Playing :

- Drag anywhere in the screen to rotate view

- Click shoot to start power bar and click again to shoot the ball

- Ball will go in direction shown by arrow


- 3 stars Scoring system.

- Unlock whole new levels and themes.

- HD graphic quality.

- Super fun playing Gameplay with Awesome Epic World Environments around course.

- Special power ups and obstacles to stumble upon.

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Please Rate us to make us improve our game, your feedback is valuable to us, also let us know if you get into any trouble or come to know about any bugs, please drop us a mail at raolredemption@gmail.com - Thanks.

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